“On the Rocks” by Emmy Meli

Listen now: https://streamlink.to/onetherocks-emmymeli

Emmy Meli’s “On the Rocks” is the feminine view of love and its challenges. Her singing style is reminiscent of Etta James, Nina Simone and/Nora Jones. Each of these blessed vocalists elicit deep emotion from their listeners and so does Emmy Meli. She sings in deep rich tones, tearing oh so gently through each emotional barrier that you’ve put up.

“On the Rocks” is a tribute to the pain of loving someone deeply. This three minute and twenty-seven- minute song begins with acoustic guitar backing up her melodious vocals. Next, electric guitar is introduced and blended with the acoustic guitar creating a sound that borders on mystical. It makes an impression. Its almost like reading a good book. You’re left with a recall of something you can’t quite put your fingers on, but you can vaguely picture it in your mind.

The song is like a dream that you want to replay. It’s that good. Listen to it once and you’re hooked. Emmy Meli said of her early years that no one expected much from her. With the release of this excellent> song, that terrible oversight is about to be corrected. “On the Rocks” will make her presence known and very well appreciated. This song could be Grammy material.

It was written and performed by Meli herself. As her career progresses, we can look forward to more soul-searching lyrics set to a rich but subdued explosion of sound. Emmy Meli may not mean to be this way, but she holds an air of mystery, which I hope we the public will get a chance to unveil.

Listen now: https://streamlink.to/onetherocks-emmymeli





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