International R&B / Hip-Hop Artist Matt B Releases New Single “I Spoiled You”

Listen Now:

International R&B/Hip-Hop artiste Matt B releases his new single “I Spoiled You” and we are here for it. If you are like us, then you know that much of what is needed to get R&B music back on top is great vocals and storytelling atop a mean groove. Matt B with his latest offering “I Spoiled You” offers up all that and more.

“I Spoiled You” is a chord-rich, piano-driven track with enough happening in the beat to make it R&B without overshadowing Matt B’s crisp vocals. It really is his singing that drives the melody of the track, which in turn lends itself to the story of the song. The tasteful combination ensures that “I Spoiled You” has all the makings of a modern R&B classic. Ironically, it is Matt B’s handle on this older approach to R&B that makes him stand out among his contemporaries of the modern era.

If we were to compare him to any of his predecessors, his chest voice is reminiscent of R&B legend Usher, while his upper register which really shines on the chorus of the record can be likened to the falsetto tones of Maxwell. Even with the clear influences, Matt B still manages to carve out his own lane sonically.

Matt B is on the ballot for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards. He is up for Best R&B Performance for ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘Best Progressive R&B Album’ for his visual EP ‘No Days Off’.



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