Shamim Releases “Intentional”

Listen now:

“Intentional” by Shamim is thoughtful rap tune delivered with precision and determination, both of which laid heavily on the mind of the song’s writer, Shamim herself. The song’s lyrics make you think, what are you doing with your days on this earth, especially today during all this turmoil and uncertainty. Shamim sings she was on “auto pilot”, but now she is living “intentional”.

This is the follow-up to her debut album. Shamim, born in Uganda and reared in South London is an exciting new talent from the United Kingdom. “I don’t know what I need to do, but I’m trying,” Shamim sings with a focus on changing. This has the potential to rate even higher than her first release riding up the charts.

“Intentional” has a bouncy rhythm that makes you move despite its profound lyrics. Her previous single seemed to offer the exact opposite response, “Option & Priority” was more somber in its delivery even though it had a heavy topic. “Intentional” while heavy demands movement to the beat as if your heart wasn’t bogged down by life’s troubles.

Shamim has great potential. If she keeps performing at this level, she could easily join the ranks of one of our top female vocalists. Shamim added these lyrics to a theme ground that’s reminiscent of a slow groove supported by a great beat that forces you to move as if
your heart depends on it. You bounce as you sing the song, “I move intentional, yeah…I’m feeling lost a floating, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…”



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