AARIA Releases “Thug Love”

Aaria’s “Thug Love” was just released in video format. So hot off the presses, here it is. “Thug Love” is a remarkably smooth jam! “Don’t need your bank, just give me your time. I wouldn’t care if that’s all you had. Can you keep it real…if that’s all I expect…without all the strings attached…I’m looking for something more…I need a thug love…I need a nig+++that’s a real love…I need a thug love for a girl like me.”

The song’s only one minute and 32 seconds long, but every second is concentrated on delivering this song right to the quick of any heart. It’s potent and to the point. It cuts with the acoustic guitar playing that Spanish flavored tune over synthesizers that make Aaria’s voice sound so determined and sweet. She needs a “Thug Love” for a girl like me.

In a decidedly a short burst, this song hits its target. It’s direct and arrives at it’s intended spot easily, the heart of anyone who understands the “bad boy” attraction some women can’t help but feel. Aaria belies the hearer with her clean uncomplicated plea for love from all the wrong places. As she sits atop a convertible with her girls and her man, she sings her plea, “I’m looking for something more, something real so deep. The kind of love that’s enough for a girl like me…Tell me are you that somebody? Cause I don’t go to showin’ everybody? I need a Thug Love!”





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