Conya Doss “Not Trading You” is a Throwback to Motown Magic

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Somebody get the vinyls out and tell us that Conya Doss doesn’t take you vibing back to the 70s when Motown gave us hits that left us craving more. You can almost hear the needle hit the record when you hear the intro to “No Trading You.” Add this sound on to Doss’ retro vibe look and you are in for a blast from the past in the most modern way.

Perfect for a rainy day playlist, Conya gives us total Mary J. Blinge vibes. Like a reincarnation with a jazzy undertone, Doss wows with “Not Trading You” and leaves you wanting more from the artist.

The lyrics lend themselves so well to a love that just won’t quit. That kind of love that you couldn’t let go if you tried. We love the authority she puts out in this almost quiet proclamation of refusing to let go of “the one” when they come knocking at your door.

From the Motown magic that oozes from this record to the almost reincarnated vibes of Blige, Doss reminds us what we loved most about some of our favorite time frames of R&B and somehow managed to marry the two together. With a versatility like this, we look for many great things to come out of Doss’ camp and if this is what modern day vinyl feels like… somebody lower the needle and let’s get this party started.

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