Nigerian R&B star PRAIZ Releases EP ‘To The Moon’


PRAIZ may have a top r&b hit song in “To the Moon”. As a love song, it has great seductive lyrics and wonderful music to deliver those smooth transformative words. This song is great for the bachelors of the world seeking their latest conquests. Any girl would feel he might be the one with this playing in the background.

I enjoyed the song from start to finish, but especially the refrain: “To the moon with me” preceded by that wonderful expression of joy in PRAIZ’s countertenor voice hitting that perfect high note. This sound is often confused with falsetto, but the purity and strength of PRAIZ’s voice shows his is a countertenor.

His voice sours to a low C and sounds clear and solid. Luckily, those sounds are cloaked in a beautifully written song that allows the listener to sway with the music in a modern slow dance or an up-tempo ballroom dance. For three minutes and fifteen seconds, the listener is transported to a cloud of love. The lyrics, while limited are presented in a manner that keeps you captivated. It is one of those songs you find yourself humming for hours after you last heard it. You know the one is you cannot get out of your head, but this one will not drive you crazy.

I am still rocking back and forth after listening to the song at least an hour ago. The listener will get hooked, download the song into their mp3 player, and listen to it repeatedly. It is a draw. It might not be a number one hit, but it will make it to the charts and most importantly the sleek masculine bachelor rides and pads.



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