Noelle Kay Interview & Review of “Take You Now”

Listen to “Take You Now”:

“Take You Now” is a beautiful R&B song. Not only does the singer’s voice sound as smooth as silk, but the classy video features Noelle, who happens to be just as beautiful as her voice is.

“Take You Now” can quickly get anyone in the mood for spending a romantic evening with their loved one. This song is likely to help two people fall in love with each other, because its lyrics are mesmerizing and sensual, which is the great premise for falling in love.

It is highly likely that anyone who listens to “Take You Now” will include it on their regular playlists, so they can listen to it on a daily basis. So for those who haven’t discovered the beauty of this song as well as this artist, listening to this song is a must. This song is highly underrated and needs to be put out there. It will likely become a massive hit one day soon.

Listen to “Take You Now”:

Interview with Noelle Kay

What made you decide that you wanted to become a singer?

I’ve been singing my whole life since I was 7. It felt like destiny to me every time I got on stage so I went through schooling, got my bachelors degree and then took off with music 2026 releasing 3 visuals back to back. I felt like it was my break through to begin the journey of trying to get my voice to the masses. I feel like my voice can make an impact on self-care, self-experiences and self-growth while feeling good as you dance to the beats accompanied with my voice.

What goals do you have for the next year?

I want to share my new music and the new sounds I’m working with, with my producers. I want to engage more with Team Noelle Kay. Finding out what they love about me from the things I say to how I come up with freestyles every week. I also have a few accomplishments I’m training myself on so I can complete them properly. The overall goal is more exposure, but immediate goals within the next year is to release my first FULL album.

Who inspires you the most musically?

I would say my Dad. Rest his soul; he prepped me for the future I am living today. He wrote down ideas and pitches to me for songs that I should create to achieve the impact I want with people who consume my music. Also, other inspirations are the artists I have studied since I was a little girl like Brandy, Faith Evans, Usher and Alicia Keys. I even have modern day inspirations from sounds of SZA and Teyana Taylor.

If you could tell our audience one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If you put your trust in me, I can take us far. Not just myself but my whole team. From the supporters to the people who help me get the engines going. That trust is listening, hearing what I’m saying and understanding that I relate to everyone which means we all relate to each other. Then share it with someone else. We would all feel better and heal better too.


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