John Rose Interview & Review of “Ice Blue Eyes”

Listen to “ICE BLUE EYES:

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Interview with John Rose

What made you decide that you wanted to become a singer?

Footage of me entertaining a crowd musically dates back to the ripe age of three years old. Here you would’ve found me in my underwear rocking out to Michael Jackson or playing the air guitar while watching Nsync on the MTV awards. Fast forward to my middle school years and there stood an underdog. The same man you look at now was once two hundred and sixty six pounds with gapped teeth, and an afro submerging himself in Motown records. I was bullied because of my appearance, but my mother assured me it was all going to be apart of my testimony. God would use my pain to help others overcome adversities and believe anything is possible. I strive to re-create the era of Motown, but not limited in genre. Bringing the simplicity back to that Motown vibe when music was organic and the work flow between artist, producer, and fans, too many felt like a family. Everyone plays a role in this journey we call life, everyone has a story and a why as to what they do. This is the journey I embrace. I get to bring it together using my voice and that’s why I choose to sing.

What goals do you have for the next year?

I am always strategizing in advance. The blue print has already been written for the next twelve months. I am eager for the fans to enter what I call the Garden. Due to Corona Virus several shows have been canceled limiting my access to meet everyone. I find this disappointing because I am in close contact with my group of die hard followers known as the thorns. However we’re all in the same boat right? In 2021 I plan on headlining my own ten city tour promoting prior releases and hopefully finalizing my first studio album.

Who inspires you the most musically?

I am inspired by all artist. Creative minds are a gift and when you try to judge ones creativity … well you simply can’t. My top three are The Temptations, John Mayer and Drake.

The Temptations story is so powerful and seems to be “minimal” in the area of hardships besides dealing with racism. Their music brought unity in a time of separation, that transcending power of music is what inspires me.

A savant of music with his foundation of lyricism and wild guitar skills makes John Mayer another influence in my music. Watching many of his youtube breakdowns and following his social medias have led me to become a stronger artist overall. I see the gears shifting in his mind while creating and I find it relatable.

If you could tell our audience one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Drake. One simple word and you immediately think of business and lifestyle mottos. A true gate keeper in the industry of Hip-Hop and R&B. His business is beyond flawless, his releases are so timely, and he moves with stealth. The ability to adapt is key in this business and there has never been a moment I feel when his career lacked luster.

The list undoubtedly continues but this is where it begins.

I am independently dependent. For instance, I budget all my music, market all my music, write all my lyrics, produce / co- produce and engineer my music. However, my career depends on the love from beautiful, powerful and intelligent minds.

The past seven years of my journey have taught me the power of success lies within your own belief. I believe we have the ability to change the world little by little, and I have no plans on slowing down.

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