LISTEN: Famed Bassist Miles Mosley Debuts New Single, “Brother”

Famed composer, producer, and musician Miles Mosley is back with a new single entitled, BROTHER!

The hyperactive, yet, grunge melody that stems from Mosley’s new track advocates for the survivor in all of us. The song’s energy presents a rush of urgency and echoes a sentiment that we are not alone – no matter the circumstance. It’s creatively eclectic, built by large arrangements and assisted by the renowned West Coast Get Down collective. The thunderous track yells togetherness with high impact; a melodic treat. BROTHER is a clarion call for unwaged unity.

“One of my favorite and first songs written for this album,” said Mosley. “BROTHER champions the survivor not as someone who scavenges an existence but someone who was built for the very purpose of surviving said existence.”

The celebrated super artist has worked across various genres and with an incredible array of artists who include Lauryn Hill, Andra Day, Most Def and Avenged Sevenfold. A peerless musician, his talents on the upright bass have been called on to the stage by Rihanna, Jeff Beck, Gnarls Barkley, and countless others. Additionally, Mosley is an accomplished composer, scoring for film, TV and video games for brands that include Disney, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures.

Listen to BROTHER below: