J-Sol Tackles His Trials and Tribulations With “OMW” Ft. Gen

J-Sol recently released the sweet new single “OMW,” and although we love the song, we love his message even more… Keep pushing no matter what gets thrown at you in life.

On the slow-burning offering, the East Londoner delivers intoxicating vocals backed by inspiring lyrics, influenced by his real-life challenges.

“When I wrote ‘OMW,’ I was thinking about all the rejection that I’ve faced so far in my walk of life,” states the 25-year-old London singer. “The trials and tribulations from record deals not closing, getting to the finals of life changing moments and then getting told “NO” to also hearing people saying that I’m not good enough or that I look too old for my age, that I’m too dark skinned! I know that I can’t be the only one that experiences these things so with this song It was important for me to find the good in the bad. I flipped the narrative and decided that every closed door and ‘NO’ just meant ‘new opportunities’ and is setting me up for something better.”

Whether he learned his persistence from his preacher dad or his surrounding, this mindset of pushing forward is a necessary character component that is needed in life. We can’t quit; we can’t give up; we must continue to fight for what we believe. Kudos J!

J-Sol is a multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, actor, dancer, and producer who has bridged the gap between R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop. The 25-year-old singer/songwriter rose to prominence off the back of his YouTube refixes, which gained him praises from music legends such as; Nile Rodgers, Teddy Riley, Boyz II Men, Louis Tomlinson & Tyrese Gibson. In his short career, J-Sol has supported the likes of Boyz II Men, Jeremih, Little Mix, and more. To date, J-Sol has garnered over 12 million streams and 100 million views.


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