Reed Shannon Is Spiritual In His ‘Soul Play’ EP

Some entertainment lovers know Reed Shannon as the voice of Cartoon Network. Some know him as the character Joe in the recent hit film, “Canal Street.” However, he is more than just that: add amazing singer to his resume because his latest project embodies an old soul vibe in a young man’s body. At the young age of 18, he’s wise in spirit and has the presence of an R&B legend-in-the-making.

“Soul Play is an extension of my personality,” Shannon said. “With all of the moving pieces in this project, it was amazing to see it all come together, and it means so much I’m even blessed to speak to Singersroom about it,” he said with joy. Shannon moves with love and humility, and his music is a testament to that.

“My lead single ‘Mercy’ means to give into the music, love, soul, etc.,” he spilled. “When you’re in a relationship, you are at the mercy of each other. Relationships have ups and downs, so you’re also at the mercy of each other vendettas.”

From first listen, the project illuminates the essence of Prince and Usher and Chris Brown. Deep in message, yet, vocally appealing.

“‘Connect’ is the connection between me and my girl found in each other or in some cases the connection two loves have falters,” Shannon stated.

‘Connect’ is a clever intro to the following track; with a duality to its meaning. The track “Kind Of Art” keys reference to the art of not only sing about making up but relationships as a whole. Love is a canvas in which emotions are painted, the way the two soul bond, and Shannon’s vocal portrays that very well. His voice complimented artist Annamaria’s who is featured on the track: “as soon as we hit the studio me and her were so organic and magical! She’s dope for sure,” Shannon gushed.

“Don’t feel The Same,” is a tale of unrequited love in which not only the two loves feel like each person is not giving the same effort, the love they once had is fading. “In a relationship, you have to keep things fresh and honest in order to succeed,” he said, then he paused, then continued, “be transparent with each other and grow genuinely.” His vibey track “Peace2ego” is a song which illustrates the narrative of humbling your ego to allow somebody to love you. According to Reed, “love can only occur when you’re open enough to love each other.” And “It Girl” is about a woman who swoons the eyes of Shannon and he emphatically wants her bad. The project’s narrative is crisp, detailed, and competes with the landscape of Gen Z’s contribution to the beloved R&B genre.

While Reed Shannon is humble, his talents are not! With an upcoming bevy of opportunities, even a feature role in “Chasing The Sun,” which will feature Shannon’s original music, look out for the singing sensation on the TV screen near you. But for now, enjoy his “Soul Play!”