Myoa Galvanizes ‘Star Power’ With New Single

With a big and brash voice, Myoa makes a splash with new single “Star Power.” Assisted by an uber neo-soul production, the singer and songwriter’s lyrics and vocal prowess give this offering an epic, movie-like feel. Myoa expresses a certain call for freedom as she invites listeners to let their emotions run wild and experience life for the beauty of it.

Inspired by a trip to Nigeria in 2017, “Star Power” is sung as a throwback to the origins of jazz and neo-soul routes in style of crooners like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Luther Vandross. Picture a modern soul train line, now add this song to it, and you get a feel for what Myoa is expressing to listeners.

She makes references to every human emotion and season to correlate how, as humans, we go through each emotion, and that we can connect with our audiences to galvanize “Star Power” as she does with this single. Myoa exhibits raw human emotion at an optimum level, which makes “Star Power” very smooth on the ears. A good comparison for Myoa’s sound would be splashes of Jennifer Hudson and Brandy. Find your inner “Star Power” by giving her single some streams!

Lauded by publications like Singersroom, Music Connection Magazine, EMPOWER Magazine, and more, Myoa is making waves in the industry with a sound that is unique, jazzy, soulful, and beautiful. Her debut album, “Beautiful Journey,” dropped on September 13th.

Comprised of twelve tracks, Beautiful Journey is a collection of songs written over many years that expresses Myoa’s journey in life. She hopes to share a piece of her heart with her listeners through Beautiful Journey. “This album is a combination of unique sounds and expressions, which flow perfectly giving the listener a euphoric experience,” Myoa explains. “In life, there are ups and downs, but each moment is part of your journey and you can choose to look at it in a beautiful way and see beauty through the ashes and enjoy the simple and little things in life.” Myoa co-produced the album alongside acclaimed producers including BigFootInYourFace, Cobhams Asuquo, Eddie Ferguson, Johnny Drille and Robert Eibach, she believes that recording her first album, “validates all my hard work as an independent artist.”

Myoa began singing in school choirs, competitions, and concerts at a young age. She penned her first song when she was only nine years old. In college, Myoa spent most of her free time in her room writing music. After graduating and pursuing a career in finance, she realized she had been missing what she loved most: her music. Myoa quickly resigned from her job and flew to Los Angeles to study music and production. “Music has been embedded in me and so it’s hard for me to imagine life without listening to music, singing or writing. I usually tell myself to keep going; it will all be worth it. I call it faith, and that’s what drives me,” she says.