Raphael Saadiq Breaks Eight Year Hiatus With ‘Jimmy Lee’ LP (Stream)

Legendary Soul crooner Raphael Saadiq is back on the main scene with a new project titled ‘Jimmy Lee.’

Inspired by his own brother’s trials and tribulations with addiction, ‘Jimmy Lee’ is an account of stories of tragedy and perseverance set to mark one of his most transparent and thrilling projects to date. The result is an incisive and empathetic work from a master at the peak of his art. It’s self-produced by Raphael at Blakeslee Recording Co. in North Hollywood.

Each track is labeled as a different chapter of his brother’s journey as it’s inspiring, heartbreaking, and is curated in the manner of a classic film. This, by far, is another landmark in the iconic career of Mr. Saadiq. The project gives a voice to men, especially African American men, that addiction is real, and the community needs change for the better. In an interview with the New York Times, the editor states, “As a solo artist, Saadiq has long been a master without a masterpiece for consensus to point to. Jimmy Lee could change that through sonic ambition alone.”

A fascinating statement, considering his work with Toni! Toni! Toni!, Solange, and John Legend, some people never considered Saadiq for having a masterpiece. That sentiment changes with ‘Jimmy Lee,’ which is socially, emotionally, and a touching project. Immaculate production, beautiful song compositions, and genius songwriting are apparent through the 13 soundtrack list. In a long and glorious career of an R&B legend, ‘Jimmy Lee’ adds another gold trophy to Saadiq’s closet of classical music.

Stream “Jimmy Lee”: