PREMIERE: ‘Aggravated’ Because Destiny Moriah Needs More Coverage

Former Mona Scott-Young protégé, Destiny Moriah is back in the limelight with a new single titled “Aggravated.” On the empowerment anthem, the budding songstress is singing to women, whose boyfriends don’t show them the love they deserve. Thus, encouraging women to “close the front door” on them and to start loving themselves even more. Destiny’s vocals blend in perfectly with the sultry production from S.O.O.N. in “Aggravated” like warm vanilla icing on a freshly baked cinnamon roll. “Aggravated” has been heavily teased on Destiny’s Instagram for months and I must say it not only exceeds expectations but shatters them. 

The lyrics entail her dilemma about moving on from a man who doesn’t put in the same effort into their relationship like she does. Throughout the song, you can hear a message in the background being sent to voicemail. At first, it can be interpreted as her soon to be ex not picking up the phone, leading her to sing with a raspy vigor and anger but as the track goes on it can also be seen as her sending her new ex to voicemail. Her vocal tone changes later on in the song as she talks about being better for herself and moving on.

“Bounce Back, I’ma be my own rebound” – Destiny on being strong enough to move away from a man who doesn’t appreciate her 

This shows powerful duality and deep contextual meaning for the single, which is meant to give women and/or anybody who listens to the song motivation to leave a person who doesn’t treat them right and to find power within themselves to be the best them.

Destiny has come a long way from being signed to Jerry Wonda and Ryan Leslie, and this song starts a potentially huge rest of 2019 for her.  “Aggravated” is powerful, mesmerizing, and so captivating that it makes me “aggravated” that Destiny Moriah hasn’t got more publicity! Readers, do yourself a favor and give the song a play!