Inayah Lamis Made Love To Her “Suga Daddy” and She Liked It

Inayah Lamis’ suga daddy just took her out. She’s drinking Hennessy, but her “old” SD prefers Crown Royal. She’s fascinated by his net worth, so his friends are also entertained. But, wait. She gets too drunk at the bar, and ends up sleeping with him — and she likes it! 

No, it’s not reality; but it’s a spicy story narrated through the illustrious voice that is Inayah Lamis in her new sultry, summertime track entitled, “Suga Daddy.” The sizzling record is the latest off of the Houston native’s debut EP “S.O.L.A.R.,” which is due out this Fall. Micah (Ella Mai’s “Shot Clock”) produced the melodic beat behind Lamis’ potent lyrics, which makes for yet another standout single that every woman can relate to. acronym for ‘Storytelling Over Lyrics and Rhymes’represents her own unique genre and the core of who she is as an artist. With inspiration that stems from great vocalists such as Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin, she is also just as passionate and real as R&B singer Monica or Mary J. Blige for her generation. The fire inside her is unique and it allows for untraditional storytelling like its never been done on such a mainstream platform. 

With the vocal praises of Jamie Foxx and Maxwell and the overload of record deals on the table, Lamis has once again retained control of her destiny. Staying independent, she opted to partner with EMPIRE and set the stage for her upcoming EP with the debut single “Fairy Tale” and her latest single “N.A.S. (N*ggas A’int Sh*t).”

For the Houston native, who got her start creating jingles and viral cover videos, the narrative always comes first and the beat follows. Inayah’s 1.5 million fans aka “Inayahlators” connect to her raw, no holds barred perspective on love lost and love found. Intimacy and heartbreak are layered and convoluted, and she explores it all.

Oh, yea! And, according to Lamis, she’s faster than Amazon Prime.