Neilà Is Out of This World With New ‘Venus’ EP

Neilà just dropped her new body of work, Venus EP. It’s not only a project, but a walking women’s power project that embodies the strength and beauty of all feminist. The title of the EP showcases duality in meanings relating to Venus, the Roman goddess of sex, love, beauty, and fertility. The other is the planet Venus circling back to the Neilà brand. Neilà is alien spelled backward, which is a clever pun to her otherworldly vocals.

“Venus made this to show that women are biological and made to do incredible things. From birthing life, raising children, starting businesses, becoming bosses, the power is unmatched and undefeated,” Neilà had to say about the EP. “There is absolutely nothing a woman cannot do.”

Tracks like “Chips n Salsa” bring the flirtatious and promiscuous vibes to “Talk About It” and “No” that hone in on self-love. The EP highlights the irreplaceable nature of women in a world-known previously to be run by men, which makes it a powerful message. That’s why her mantra is “WE, Women run this shit now.”

Dark, sultry, and playful sounds compose a thorough playlist composed of five tracks. Venus embodies versatility, comparability in who she is, transparency, and an overall talented musician with influences flowing from Rihanna and Summer Walker to Normani and SZA. Neilà not only nails it with Venus EP but she sets herself up for the rest of her entire career with this special project.

Neilà created this project to celebrate herself as a woman and hopes to make other women want to join in or the celebration. Using her gift for making smooth an R&B project is just a bonus to message of Venus EP.  To join the experience of great vocal talent, and women empowerment, take a listen below:

Listen to Neilà’s new project ‘Venus’ EP here: