R&B duo Jake&Papa contributes the new song, “Heavy,” to the upcoming project, ‘Mint Room Sessions.’

“Poured our hearts out on this one! this is for anyone who knows just how Heavy life can get,” states Jake&Papa.

Produced by Pitchshifters, the groovy, strings-driven track features smooth vocals from the brothers as they continue to carve out their own lane in R&B.

‘Mint Room Sessions’ showcases sounds from the collective’s in-house producers and spotlight a selection of amazing singer/songwriters. The project as a whole will consist of six songs or “sessions” including sounds from Max Valli, Nachbi, Kobe, Geneva White, and Krazy Beautiful.

Mint Room Sessions will be released on June 25th. The cover art is an actual painting done by painter and artist, Nick Dap.


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