PREMIERE: Jean Mikhael – Senorita (Acoustic)

UK rising singer-songwriter Jean-Mikhael premieres an acoustic version of his forthcoming single, “Senorita.”

Combining a work of instrumental genius with his richly-textured vocal delivery, the song highlights Mikhael’s musical versatility and his well-rounded gift of performance. “Oh! Señorita, señorita, señorita! Play your body like a guitar,” sings Mikhael on the infectious hook.

“Senorita is a song for the summer that I created… the girl in the song, to me, is mysterious and unattainable, she makes me wonder about the universal feeling of ‘What If?'” Mikhael tells Singersroom via email. “I think everyone can relate to that beautiful moment where you lock eyes with someone and connect in a way that’s beyond the surface level stuff and then, like that, that exquisite moment passes by and all you can do is just think roll that situation over an over again in your mind and wonder ‘what if?’ , that real sliding doors moment!”

Coming off the success of his critically-acclaimed EP, The Deal, which peaked at #8 on iTunes R&B/Soul charts, Mikhael aims for brighter success in 2019.

Listen to the acoustic version of “Senorita” below:


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