Chris Brown Shoots Video In Paris; Files Defamation Suit While Accuser Says She’s “Being Harassed”

Despite his recent legal woes, Grammy-winning R&B artist Chris Brown is sticking to his agenda while in Paris, France.

As previously reported, a 24-year-old woman, going by the pseudonym name Karima, claims Brown raped her at the Le Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris. Brown, his bodyguard, and another friend was detained by police before being released on their own recognizance without bail. Brown was allowed to keep his passport and return home, but he’s clearly not in a hurry to flee.

Brown, who continues to stay in the same hotel where the alleged rape occurred stepped out yesterday, Wednesday (Jan. 23), and he made time to greet fans and paparazzi who were posted outside of the hotel. “I love everybody,” he told a TMZ cameraman.

Brown was seen shooting a music video for a song reportedly called “Back to Love.” In footage obtained by TMZ, Breezy shows off his slick moves as he dances alongside a river bank in Paris.

Brown is said to be honoring a commitment of shooting the visual before he leaves the country on Thursday.

Following his release from custody, Brown took to Instagram to proclaim, “This Bitch Lyin,'” insisting he has a daughter and rape goes against his “character and morals.” He’s denied any wrongdoing and has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who accused him of rape.

Brown’s Parisian lawyer, Raphael Chiche, filed the complaint on Thursday (Jan. 24), describing it as a “false accusation, committed on January 18, 2019.” According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Brown is also pursuing a criminal charge relating to invasion of privacy that carries a maximum one-year prison sentence.

Sources familiar with the Parisian legal system tell TMZ there are signs the case fell apart and that Paris police had issues with the accuser’s story. The woman claimed she was raped and abused in three separate rooms by three people in Brown’s hotel suite at the Mandarin Oriental, but she never attempted to leave or alert anyone of the 20 people who were in the living room.

“The weakest part of the case is the alleged victim’s statement to police,” one person connected to the case tells TMZ.

Brown’s accuser recently broke her silence on her rape allegations in an interview with a French publication Le Parisien. The 24-year-old, who is from Algeria, cried during her sit down as she described how she was being harassed on social media and by the press. She claims that she has received “dozen of calls” and taunts on social media from members of the singer’s entourage, one of which offered her “an arrangement.”

“As I blocked (their calls), they went through a girl, a French girl who knows the star, and I know a little bit. She explained to me that I was going to be in the m…, and asked me if I wanted ‘an arrangement,'” the woman alleged. “I said no. I didn’t press charges for money. What I want is justice. And that the horror of what I’ve been through doesn’t happen to any other girl. These people have the power, they act like they can do anything they want to young girls.”

The woman said she never wanted to go public with her allegations but her complaint to the police was reported by French publication Closer, and again insisted that she was after justice, not money.

“These people think they have every right, because they’re bling-bling stars,” she continued. “I want justice… And I know that in the end, justice will recognize that what I said is true.”

The investigation is ongoing, but Brown also has to deal with another issue related to the case: the drugs found in his hotel room, which his attorney says he had nothing to do with.

During Brown’s arrest, officers found the presence of cocaine and marijuana in the room. However, his attorney told the Agence France-Presse the cocaine found was not his client’s, and actually “belonged to those who had come to party in his suite on the night of January 20 to 21.” Brown did cop to the weed, but Chis attorney insists he has a prescription for medical marijuana from his U.S.-based doctor.

Artists like Lil’ Mo, T.I., Justin Bieber, and Nick Cannon have shown support on social media for Brown.


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