ATL Newcomer Jas Release Debut Single ‘Kick Up’

Atlanta-based R&B singer Jas recently made her debut by releasing her first official single “Kick Up.” The record will pave the way for her upcoming EP, which is also the first time she will be releasing a project.

“Kick Up” features Jas’ strong vocals, smooth melodies, all sitting on a fun track that will make you dance. It gives vibes of a carefree attitude, that is so refreshing. Definitely, a radio-worthy single.

Though “Kick Up” is the first song that she’s dropped as a professional singer, Jas used the record to explore a different side of herself. “The record is about having a good time, being with your friends. It’s a feel-good record,” said Jas.

A singer for the past 10 years, and professionally pursuing music for the last two, Jas has been learning to not take life so seriously and just have fun. Jas has taken these life lessons and applied them to her music; cranking out an EP that showcases her fun side.

“We should be releasing the EP at the top of the year. I’m really, really excited about it. The whole project is about having a good time,” adds Jas. “There’s a sad song or two on there talking about relationship stuff. But for my first project, I wanted to be a reflection of the space I’m in right now which is finding myself and learning how to have a good time.”

Born Jasmine Erica Robinson, Jas grew up on the south side of Atlanta. She’s been singing since a very young age and learned to be a confident singer from her father. She credits him with being her biggest inspiration when it comes to her music career.

“I plan to touch as many people with my music as I possibly can, especially young black girls,” said Jas. “And, I can’t wait to learn more about the world and about myself. I know I still have to tap into my full potential, and discover the true Jas.”

As we go into 2019, Jas is plotting to release her EP sometime in the first quarter. However, she’s definitely going to drop the music video for “Kick Up,” and may even give us another single to enjoy.