Norelle Returns With New Single, ‘Homecoming’

Singersroom covered several songs from Norelle in the past when she used the stage name, Lolah Brown.

Now, with a new moniker and image, the Soul/R&B artist returns with her debut single, “Homecoming,” a  song about victory and overcoming obstacles.

“When I wrote Homecoming, I was just coming into a place of feeling good about myself,” Norelle reveals. “So many things had transpired in my life that put me in a place of self-doubt, insecurities, depression, and any other negative emotion we tend to feel about ourselves. During my journey of healing, I was introduced to positive thinking, meditation, feeling good about yourself, and how the energy you feel manifests. So I worked constantly on making a conscious effort in deciding to feel good. Deciding to change my thoughts. Deciding to control my thoughts. Practicing gratitude daily, and trusting my journey. Appreciating the small things in life that we often take for granted. The sun shining, waking up, being alive!!!! And its literally changed my life for the better. And I wanted to share that energy with the world. I want everyone to wake up and smile, and be grateful. Start their day on a positive note. Believe in themselves, and trust that everything is gonna be alright because it will!”

The nostalgic “Homecoming” was produced by Jay Swift & Mr. Damention and penned by Norelle and Romero Mosley.

Under the moniker Lolah Brown, Norelle launched her career by singing background vocals for artists like John Legend, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and more. You’ve also heard her on Fox’s new hit show ‘The Four’, as well being featured on Chance The Rappers critically acclaimed album ‘Coloring Book’. Reemerging herself as a solo artist, a little wiser, a lot more confident, and way more sure of what she wants, Norelle is all about feeling good about herself, learning from life’s experiences and having a positive outlook on things, and she wants to inspire everyone to do the same.


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