Bay Area Singer Janel Marisse Exposes ‘Closet of Lies’ From Past Relationship

Bay Area native Janel Marisse has officially released “Closet of Lies,” a new, very personal song that tells the story of finding strength after heartbreak and deceit.

In the song, she begins the path to realization of self-worth and importance. “In the past couple years, I’ve matured and grown in different aspects of my life and I wanted my reintroduction to reflect that,” explains Janel. “This song not only talks about the betrayal and deception from a faulty relationship, but the rise from that — the path to realization resulting in unapologetically prioritizing myself, making my goals stand at the forefront, and acknowledging my motives.”

Produced by DTB (Nef the Pharaoh, OMB Peezy, P-Lo, GuapDad 4000, AllBlack), Janel brings in a hometown heavyweight to assist on production as she readies her upcoming project due out next month following a three-year hiatus from music.

Stream below:


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