WriteSounds Drop New Single, ‘Live The Life;’ Talks Sound, Possible EP, More

Rising artists WriteSounds has officially released their new single “Live The Life.” The first installment in a line of soon-to-be-released music, the song captures the group’s talent to write, produce, record, and perform their own music.

“Live The Life” features smooth R&B vocals on a throwback sounding track. These guys literally can hit every note that you would expect from a 90s R&B group. With lyrics like, “Strike a pose for a toast, it’s all a show, it’s ‘me’ time. All in your mind, no peace of mind. Basking in the brilliance of your own light. You’re gonna go blind, gonna go blind,” they definitely have an edge in the writing department.

Though the Miami-based group has amassed numerous accomplishments as songwriters and producers, they have decided to go back to their roots as artists. They are stepping from behind the scenes and stepping up to deliver the sounds that they feel are missing from today’s music. With the ability to create to every genre, WriteSound is in a unique position where there are no bounds to what they can achieve.

As producers and writers, WriteSound has worked with Jim Jonsin composing music for artists like Yelawolf and Austin Mahone. Their relationship with Slip-N-Slide Records Ted Lucas led them to work with Teenear and Rio Santana; just to name a few. The challenge now is to balance their dual roles on both sides of the spectrum while continuing to focus on the progression of WriteSound.

What made you guys decide to step out from behind the scenes as writers and producers, and into the spotlight as artists?

We were artists prior to doing the producing and writing. It’s something that we’ve always had a passion for. In our history, we were signed to G Records at some point as artists, but we’ve always written and produced music. Eventually, we got to the point where we just wanted to write instead of being artists. We also had a couple of artists working for us and we were exposing our music through them.

We got to a point where we were thinking for the songs that we wrote, the artists were not singing the songs the way that they were supposed to; so we might as well sing them ourselves.

You’re releasing your newest song “Live The Life.” What’s the inspiration behind the single and what does it mean to you guys?

“Live the Life” is basically about people on social media and the way that some of them are faking. We understand that you have to fake a little bit before you make it, but it gets to the point where people sometimes fall into their own hype. You start believing the lies that you’re giving to people. Then, it becomes hard to keep the facade going.

Do you already know what song will be the next single?

A song called “Let It Go” and then a song called “Orion.”

Are you working on putting out a full project?

We’re possibly going to put out an EP later on in the year. We’re definitely going to keep releasing more music, but trying to figure out how and when it’s going to be released. It might be an EP or just a couple of more singles every other month. If we do release an EP, it will probably be called “The Lonely Road.”

How would you describe the music that you make?

The music that we make has no labels. We make whatever we are inspired to do at the moment. “Live The Life” has an 80’s R&B feel, but can also do some soft Rock. You’ll definitely find some “Rock & B,” instead of R&B. Rock and Blues or Rhythm and Rock. However, we like to say that there are two kinds of music, bad and good, and we try to only do good music.

How did you guys decide to go with the name WriteSounds?

We’ve had so many names, especially during the time when we were just producing. We had this thing where we would listen to songs on the radio and talk about changes that needed to be made on those songs. We would say, ‘If they would have used the right sound it would be much better.’ From that, we decided to call ourselves WriteSound, because we need to write the music and make it right.

There’s was a lot of stuff out around the time when we were deciding on the name that we felt we could have written this and make it a little better, or at least use better sounds. We also use write, instead of right, because we write all the songs that we make. We never really work on anything that we didn’t write.

What’s the goal for your careers as artists?

The sky is the limit. Our goal is to be respected throughout all genres of music. Not that we’re not respected now, but on the mainstream level to have a hit on Country, Pop, Rock, Spanish, and touch every single genre. That’s our dream.

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