Hawaiian Newcomer Ash Reveals Soulful Debut Single, ‘Lover Friend’

The music industry has a newcomer who goes by the name of Ash. The Hawaiian-born songstress recently released her debut single “Lover Friend,” in which she teamed up with Grammy-nominated R&B producer starRo, from Japan, to create the song.

“Lover Friend” is an earthy ballad that invokes the metaphysical bonds that are shared between two people. Through the beauty of her voice, Ash describes touching and other acts of passion committed with another, while mentioning auras and chakras. The song takes listeners in and out of the terrestrial plane, the same way energy and love pass through the universe and exists beyond the surface of what we can see.

“On the purest side of the Lover is one that embarks on a journey of healing their heart through loving it’s self unconditionally; that is you being your greatest friend,” Ash says of the track’s origin. “In this story I then go on meeting reflections of myself, and had loved each one. Innocent and confusing, it was all healing and the coming to learning that our friendship will always be the most magical connection that I’ve truly desired. To end, it comes full circle how the song starts and who it started with is now and will always be that one eternal, Lover friend.”

Born Ashley Lilinoe, Ash is a 22-year-old native of Oahu, Hawaii. A singer and guitarist, she’s mostly known as a 2016 contestant on American Idol. Ash now lives on an organic farm in Kelowna, British Columbia with her partner. Apparently, she’s deeply passionate about cultivating, seeding, and transplanting crops. Her affinity with sustainability is also described in her music.

“Our buying and trashing mindset has encouraged polluted water sources and growing lands, and millions of post-consumer landfill sites that ooze the toxicity of a greedy and scarce culture,” she says. “I played a part in this until I woke up.”

Ash credited with being considered as a “grassroots queer Sade.” Her style that’s infused with influences from Tash Sultana, SZA, and Jhene Aiko.

Martel S. Sharpe


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