Antonio Ramsey Takes Out The ‘Trash’ In New Soulful Single

Vocalist/songwriter Antonio Ramsey has a bone to pick with people who have “Trash” tendencies in his new single from his forthcoming debut EP, “The Unveiling”.

Produced by Grammy-nominated Ted Roosevelt Jr. (TJ da BEat Man) and written by Ramsey and Brandon Sims, the song takes out the garbage actions of certain people, and airs it out for all to hear. Ramsey’s strong, warm, soulful, vocals pull you in instantly.

‘”Trash” was inspired by the thought, that I feel like everybody knows somebody who has “trash tendencies” lol. Whether its that one homegirl who always borrows your stuff and doesn’t return it, or the homeless man who gets mad when you give him the kind that jingles instead of the kind that folds lol,” says Antonio. “I really just wanted to take that concept and apply it to my life, which at the time a homie of mine was going through this very same situation with his girl, and here we have trash,” he adds.

Well, tell them how you really feel, Antonio!

“The Unveiling” will be released on July 19th, 2018, via all digital music outlets.

Antonio Ramsey aka Mr. Funk Trap is currently on the road on the highly energetic “The Unveiling” promotional tour in support of the new single and upcoming EP release. Stops include New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Chicago, just to name a few.


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