Talented Vocalist Jade Novah Returns With New Single, ‘All Blue’

The day has finally come!

Social media superstar, singer, and actress, Jade Novah is blessing us with new music in the form of “All Blue,” a thumping track that showcases her sizzling vocal delivery. On the track, Jade’s eargasmic and emotionally-rich vocals take center stage as she sings, “I got my head up in the clouds again. It’s all blue.”

Outside of her intoxicating vocal presence, Jade is also known for her welcoming on-screen presence and upbeat personality on social media. Her new single arrives after a widespread of excitement from Novah teasing the track via social media.

After years of singing background vocal for artists including Rihanna, Eminem, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, as well as a spree of social media covers, her hard work is paying off. Novah recently became a hot topic this past week as chart-topper, Cardi B co-signed her soulful cover of “Be Careful” on Twitter and Instagram. Novah’s cover has reached 3 million views and generated over 600,000 likes.

With Novah’s incredible vocals and overall creativity, she is bound to turn pop into a different hue, and for now, it’s going all blue! The single “All Blue” paves the way for Novah’s new album, All Blue, due to release soon via Empire. This go ‘round fans are going all blue but not for Jay-Z, for Jade Novah!

“Thank you for all of the beautiful energy and support surrounding the release of my debut single, ‘All Blue,'” Jade wrote on Instagram.

Stay tuned for her success and check out the single below.