RĀI Brings Back Organic R&B Vibes With ‘Love’s On The Way’

South Carolina native RĀI delivers the timeless new single, “Love’s On The Way.”

The jazzy midtempo offering finds the crooner informing his listeners that although they may have lost love, it will return in due time. “Love’s On The Way” hails from RĀI’s forthcoming debut album of the same title set for release on June 8th.

“‘Love’s on the Way’ was inspired by old soul music and traditional R&B,” RĀI tells Singersroom. “I’ve heard so many people complaining about new R&B music and how it doesn’t feel like R&B.  And while I like new R&B, I wanted to create a song that contributed to filling that gap of good traditional R&B music and contemporary R&B.”

The single was written during a collaborative writing session. RĀI’s goal was to create a “throwback feel” that was able to capture certain emotions without feeling dated.

When discussing the single’s takeaways, RĀI says, “‘Love’s on the Way takes the listener on an emotional journey and speaks directly to anyone who’s had a love and lost it.  Being in a relationship that ends can sometimes leave you feeling lost, or abandoned and just life you’re not good enough.  And so whether it’s dealing with the pain from a relationship that ended, or dealing with the emotions of family issues, or battling low self esteem –always hold on to the belief that even in your darkest days, you are enough, you are worthy of love and if you don’t currently have it, love is always on the way.”

Get a dose of nostalgia below.