Sinead Harnett Gives Up Her “Body”

Love is a drug and Sinead Harnett is the addict that can’t get enough of its high. Releasing her new single “Body,” the singer speaks of a love that is addictive leaving her willingly to release her physical form to the person she’s so wrapped up in.

Produced by GRADES, responsible for “If You Let Me,” as well as “Still Miss You” and “Ally” from her 2017 mixtape, Chapter One, Sinead exudes vulnerability on this new track. With her first release of 2018, she is relinquishing her power over to her mate and allowing them to take full control. The only thing is, she is a slight bit ashamed and doesn’t want people to know.

Sinead recently spoke on the musical chemistry between herself and GRADES:

“I was inspired by finding myself in a situation I wasn’t ready to leave, but that had to end. GRADES always seems to be around when something dramatic like that is going on. He started playing the ‘Body’ chords & the song came straight away. Conceptually it was a fantasy song but in reality it was a ‘goodbye’ song for me.”

The single is relaxed and accompanies Sinead’s sultry vocals perfectly. The UK-based singer delivered her debut project in 2014, followed up in 2016 with another and gifted fans with the Chapter One mixtape last year.

“I’ll give you my body/ Just don’t tell nobody/ I’ll give you my body/ ‘Cause being without you is impossible/ I’d rather be with you and be vulnerable,” she sings on the song’s hook.

Listen to Sinead Harnett lay it down.