DAWN Drops Sexy New Song ‘Bonfire’

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D∆WN returns with a breezy and mesmerizing new song called “Bonfire,” and we’re here for it!

Calling it “summer shit,” the eclectic songstress deliver soothing and sublime vocals over the funky production.

“You’re like a dream, baby,” she sings. “Your temperature is rising all around me.” Later, she adds: “You light me up, and you know what’s up.”

In a new interview with Suited Magazine, D∆WN spoke about her artistry: “I dont want to be the artist people say ‘Oh she’s good, for an indie artist’ or ‘for a woman’ or ‘for a black girl’….There is a possibility that a black girl can be an artist in POP culture and still be indie and THRIVE…,” she says.

Keep doing you D∆WN, and we’ll continue to listen!

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  1. eric5000 April 11, 2018 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Now this is tight!!!

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