Amy Leon Provides Comfort in ‘On The Run’

As the newest signee to IMG Records, Amy León celebrates her upcoming sold-out show at the Apollo Theater with the release of her new single, “On The Run.” The Harlem native uses her perception of today’s society to provide a comforting space for her listeners.

“On The Run” hails from Amy’s EP Witness, which aims as an escape route from today’s issues and unreasonable societal norms. Produced by Tel Aviv producer ATELLER and written by León, “On the Run” is a beautiful, complex record about the overwhelming fear of loving a Black body as a Black body.

As a musician, poet & activist, Amy León uses her love for words to draw visions of hope and prosperity.

Witness is Amy’s audiobiography. As a survivor of abuse inside the New York City foster care system, Amy’s testimony is nothing to shy away from.

“‘On the Run’ was an attempt to write myself into a safe space. It is an odyssey of love,” she said. “It analyzes the cyclical madness that has made this history of violence all we know to expect.”