Listen: Sia Amun – Single AF

From penning hits for Mary J. Blige and Trey Songz to laying down vocals for Lady Gaga, singer-songwriter Sia Amun returns with the jazzy springtime tune, “Single AF.”

The single is the ultimate journal entry as Sia shares her most intimate feelings surrounding singleness and dating.

She opens the bass-heavy entry with, “I’m single AF cause I need an understanding/ I’m trying to get my love together.”

The Aliandro Prawl and Ryan Toby produced track is the first drop since Sia Amun’s debut EP The Blue Dream Project released last year.

“I was in a long-term relationship and after it ended I kept so busy that I never experienced really living the ‘single life,'” she said giving full detail to the song’s meaning. “It wasn’t until I took time away from music and work for a few months that it hit me, I’m single as fuck. I can do what I want, go where I want but I don’t wanna do it alone. I like having someone there but I refuse to settle, and that is what this song is about.”