PREMIERE: Dahlia Jovan Completes Her Pèrj With The Release of ‘Northern Piers’

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There’s always that one moment when we first meet that someone who completes us. The instant feeling of being hopeful, yet, scared of each possibility all at once. Brooklyn-bread artist Dahlia Jovan beautifully defines those very moments in love with ‘Northern Piers.’

It’s a simplistic approach to the strongest feeling on earth. Using a realistic touch on the current era of romance, Javon intimately allows for the brilliant musicality – of this complicated melody – to perfectly define the essence of RnBass.

“The Perj is a release; a cleansing,” said Javon. “It’s a statement to those who said I can’t. It’s proof to myself that I can. It’s a f*ck you to those who said I don’t speak up enough. It’s a message to those who’ve hurt me.”

‘Northern Piers’ is a random knight in shining armor that comes to the defense of the ever-changing cycle of misunderstood love.

But, what if it’s “too soon…”