Chloe x Halle Break Down Generational Reassurance Single, “The Kids Are Alright”

Featured on the latest installation of ‘Verified’ by Genius, Beyoncé’s label Parkwood Entertainment signees Chloe x Halle give meaning to the lyrics found in their single, “The Kids Are Alright.”

“The Kids Are Alright” is the lead single and title track from the sister’s forthcoming debut album, due out March 23 (pre-order the LP to receive 4 instant-grat downloads). Co-written by Diana Gordon, Chloe x Halle produce this generation’s anthem. They sought out to create a song that represents the responsibility and intelligence their generation possess, while also giving older generations reassurance for the future.

“Being a part of this generation, like there’s so many crazy things happening and you know the world’s worried about us,” Chloe says. “And if we’ll be fine because there’s so much responsibility that’ll be on our backs but this song is just to let everyone know who’s worrying ‘The Kids Are Alright.’ We got this.”

“We don’t really care about the trends you like to follow/ You know what they say, they here today and gone tomorrow,” the two sing.

The contemporary R&B duo caught the attention of Queen Bey after their YouTube rendition of “Pretty Hurts” went viral. The two have had major success in the industry since then. They both appeared in the Lemonade visual album and released a self-produced mixtape entitled The Two of Us. They also act alongside Yara Shahidi as twins Jazlyn and Skylar on the ‘Black-ish’ spinoff ‘Grown-ish’; they also wrote the show’s theme song. 

Chloe x Halle has also had the pleasure of opening up for Bey on The Formation World Tour and in the same year opened up for songstress Andra Day. The sisters are showing that their talents stem beyond their music as they crusade to showcase the depth of their generation.

“We wanted to remind our generation that ‘hey, just because you see a certain image on Instagram or you feel like you have to be a certain way, you really don’t,” Halle says. “You can dress how you want. You can be how you are and it’s a beautiful thing.”