Amery Needs Help Figuring Out Who To “Blame”


“Blame” is the name of Belgian singer Amery‘s first official single of 2018 and its a melting pot of infectious tropical beats.

This is the follow-up single to the singer’s debut, “So Good,” which amassed over 1 million streams.

Catching the attention of Sir Elton John, Amery’s “I Need Lovin” garnered the superstar praise and rave reviews of encouragement.

“This song is very special to me because I was in a relationship where I felt like I gave so much while not getting anything in return,” Amery said. “‘Blame’ tells the story of a guy who did everything he could to please his girlfriend but as a result, she only seems to want more. So he starts wondering: ‘She’s not that into you? Maybe she’s playing with you?’. They’re just not connected to each other anymore.”

“Blame” has made its way onto a few Spotify ‘New Music Friday’ playlist in Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland, and Indonesia. Will it make it to your daily playlist too?

Listen to “Blame” below.

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