PREMIERE: Corina Corina – BAR$

R&B artist Corina Corina, who is a real-life bartender, documents her lifestyle in the brand new single, “BAR$.”

Inspired by her profession as a nightlife mixologist, the upbeat new offering is an anthem for artists who are hustling to make their dream come to fruition. It’s also a motivational and fun record for the R&B songstress, and her patrons can bask in the vibe, while they enjoy their night out.

“Hell yeah life is hard spending all my time in bars / I still have faith that it’s not too late,” she sings. “This is meant to be so let’s be a team / I’ll keep pouring whiskey if you give me all your green.”

“I’d like to dedicate the song to all the artists out there who work their asses off at multiple hustles so that they can fulfill their purpose,” says Corina. “For me, it was bartending to pay for studio time and to fund my tours. It’s a hard life, but it can also be fun as f*ck. This is my bartender anthem!”

“BAR$” will appear on Corina’s third full-length album, “Hangover Music,” a conceptual project written about all the aspects of her relationship with alcohol, the longest running and most complex relationship in her life. Not only is alcohol her escape, her passion, the force behind many of her highs and lows, it’s also her livelihood.

Turn up to the disco-filled “BAR$” below:


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