Justine Skye Announces Title and Release Date For Debut Album

Justine Skye’s day is finally here!

After years of grindin’ and a label change, she finally receives a street date for her debut album, aptly titled ‘Ultraviolet’ due to her love for the color spectrum. Headed by the single, “Back For More,” the project will arrive on January 19, 2018.

“My Debut Album ULTRAVIOLET Drops January 19th 2018,” Justine shares. “Pre-Orders start + my new track GOODLOVE drops at midnight LETTTTS GEDDDDITTT!”

She shared in another post, “I can’t believe I’ve kept this in for so long BUT its finally GO TIME! The title of my debut album is ULTRAVIOLET and you have nooooooooo type of idea how ecstatic I am that it’s finally on the way!”

‘Ultraviolet’ follows the release of several EPs including 2013’s ‘Everyday Living,’ 2015’s ‘Emotionally Unavailable,’ and 2016’s ‘8 Ounces.’

“The sound is very different than what you may have heard from me. It’s a little more aggressive, because in this stage, at this point of my life, I’m basically done with these guys, like I’m done. I’m done with the excuses, done with the trying to make excuses for you, and it’s more about just me realizing and being okay with that. Being okay with myself. And it’s everything that I wanted to say that I don’t know how to say, and so I put it in these songs,” Justine told iHeartRadio. “And when it comes to the sound of it, my tone is different. I’m rapping a little bit in some songs, I worked with PARTYNEXTDOOR a lot too on this, and he pushed me. [He] pushed my tone up to a part that I didn’t even know I could say, a part of me that I was uncomfortable with, because I didn’t want to sound dumb. But he was very, very supportive and very encouraging. It’s actually one of the most popping songs on the album.”


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