Kaasim Releases New Single “2 Weeks”

Ever been so focused on the grind that you had to remove yourself from all detractions, including penetration? Well, R&B artist Kaasim can relate and tells us all about it in his latest single, “2 Weeks.”

Kaasim explains how he removes himself from having sex for two weeks to chase money, but he doesn’t remove himself from pleasure just because! There’s a strategy to this. When Kaasim is racking up, he’s able to truly flourish as any young man would love to. Kaasim can slide in any captivating Instagram model, fly her to his side of town in Atlanta, and show her an extraordinary time. Who wouldn’t want to have the power to provide and afford opportunities like that?

Kaasim gives us a little insight into his personal hustle that clearly works for him. Two weeks pause of sex in exchange for:

  • More funds
  • Gorgeous women
  • & Praises due to being “The Man”

Doesn’t sound like a bad trade!

Make sure to check out his new single below and get the master plan from Kaasim himself. You might just learn a new move or two.

Words by: Rochelle Pollard


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