Mary J. Blige – Mighty River

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Mary J. Blige drops the inspiring and emotional new single “Mighty River,” an original song from her new film, ‘Mudbound.’

“Time, tells no lie / It keeps changing and ticking and moving then passes by,” she sings. “But if you’re lucky / It will be kind / Like a river flowing through time.”

Like her moving, soul-bending delivery, Blige showcased her acting chops in ‘Mudbound’ by bringing fans into the depths of her soul.

Available on NetFlix, ‘Mudbound’ tells the story of two impoverished families, one black and the other white, who are struggling to survive in the poverty-stricken Mississippi Delta post World World II.

‘Mudbound’ co-stars Jason Mitchell, Garrett Hedlund, Carey Mulligan, and Jonathan Banks.

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