T-Pain – “Textin’ My Ex” Ft. Tiffany Evans

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T-Pain is feeling a little frisky, and his ex-Beau is the target. His tale of possibly getting his rocks off comes to life in his new single, “Textin’ My Ex,” featuring R&B powerhouse Tiffany Evans and produced by Dre Moon.

“I should put my phone right down,” T-Pain sings in his signature autotune sound after sipping on some liquid poison. “But girl, I’m so alone right now / That’s why I’m textin’ my ex / I’m just talkin’ ’bout sex.”

Evans takes on the role of T-Pain’s Ex, and despite another woman in the picture, she is willing to give T-Pain the goodies.

“Even though this ain’t right,” she sings. “I’ll give it to you, I won’t think twice / I didn’t mean to hurt you / I just hope your new girl don’t catch you textin’ your ex.”

“Textin’ My Ex” will appear on T-Pain’s forthcoming album, OBLiViON, due out November 17th.

Speaking to Complex, about the inspiration for the song, he insists, “There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than watching those three dots mocking the f*ck out of you for 20 minutes. Then it’s just … ‘kk.'”