Aaron Camper Drops Another “Fire” Single

Aaron Camper follows up the gem, “High $ Habit,” with the island-tinged new single, “Fire,” which sees him trying to snatch a woman from another man. Produced by NSFR, the record will appear on Aaron’s forthcoming mixtape, due this fall.

“I think one thing I will say with the mixtape is that all the records on it are pretty much all singles,” Camper says. “That’s how this project came about, we had a lot of records and a lot of singles that we just wanted to get out and get feels on immediately. This mixtape is pretty much the same as the next one, as in talking about flings and summer shit. We’re moving forward.”

Regarding his mindset for the project, he adds: “My most honest one—realizing where relationships are with social media and shit. Everybody’s being their most true selves now. They’re going to bed for themselves, working for themselves, thinking for themselves. Relationships are different, as well. With the music we just put out, I wrote according to my vibes and the way that I was dressed, what I wanted at the moment—I wanted something to get dressed to, something that said we were going out. Something that feels like that. Those are the things people are picking up on, it’s just everyday stuff. That’s where I was writing from—those most honest places, exposing myself.”

Aaron, a multi-talented artist with an unparalleled musicianship, is the son of a preacher and has been around music all his life. Influenced by artists like The Winans, Phil Collins, Al Green and many others, Aaron set the course to become a well-rounded artist and performer. Having shared stages with major acts like Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown, Aaron has honed his craft as a dynamic performer. As a writer, he has worked with a myriad of artists like David Guetta, Jill Scott, Diddy and BJ The Chicago Kid to name a few.

Listen to “Fire” below:


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