Indie Soul Singer Raheem Kashon Covers Mali Music’s ‘Still’

Atlanta-based indie artist Raheem Kashon drops his cover of Mali Music’s “Still” from his 2017 album, The Transition Of Mali.

The cover  is sure to put Raheem on the map; the cover is so good, even Mali Music himself said he was “floored” by it, which is a huge cosign!


Listen to Raheem’s cover below:

Raheem Kashon is an Atlanta-based, North Carolina-born artist, singer, songwriter, teacher and thinker. Songjevity is the name of his up and coming album. “Songjevity is a gentle reminder of the of power of authentic, heart rooted artistic expression,” he explains.

Primarily recorded at Sound Resorts Studios in Atlanta, Songjevity explores issues of healing, childhood trauma, self acceptance, freedom, self love, internal reflection, growth, community, spirituality and much more.

‘We decorate space with art; we decorate time with sound (music)’, Raheem states. “Music is the most universal language used by humans. A sound can communicate with people in a way that no word known.” Raheem plans to release ‘Songjevity’ in Fall 2017 and touring in Spring 2018 with a host of other local Atlanta artists.