Tish Hyman Releases New ‘Fairy Tales’ Project

Today (Aug 11), recording artist Tish Hyman released her eagerly awaited mixtape – entitled Fairy Tales.  Fairy Tales showcases another side of the Bronx born multidisciplinary artist, with her ingenious and hilarious renditions of Disney’s most iconic songs with a slight twist. 

About the release, Tish Hyman says, “I wanted to showcase another side to me, my last project was so serious, I wanted this project to be funny and make people laugh!” 

Fairy Tales consists of ten tracks, five of them being hilarious skits, where Tish transforms classic Disney songs such as Aladdin’s “A Whole New World,” Beauty and The Beast’s “Little Town,” Sound of Music’s “Do Re Mi” and The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World” into modern day adaptations.  

“I loved ‘Beauty and The Beast’ growing up, it was my all-time favorite, so I had to do this one, my rendition of ‘Little Town’ is called ‘My Hood,’ because I swear my hood was just like this!,” says Tish. 

Stream Tish’s hilarious new project below: