[Premiere] Jasmine Jordan – Try Again feat. Wink

It was early 2015 when we first were introduced to L.A.-based songstress Jasmine Jordan’s soothing voice on her Time Travel EP. Since then, she’s dropped another project titled Things Change, and now she’s back with a new song called “Try Again “feat. Wink.

If you can’t get enough of Jordan’s signature lush vocal layering, harmonies, and lyrics about heartfelt subjects (qualities now relegated to “classic” R&B sounds), then you’re in for a treat: the song features more of Jordan’s smooth vocals and Wink’s flow adds some grit.

“‘Try Again’ is about a faith journey that leads to giving love another chance,” Jordan explains in an email. “There is no blueprint for finding love, and after many disappointments, you’re often reserved and hesitant to give it another shot. Try Again is about taking that leap of faith because deep down you believe there’s something good on the other side of trying. It’s about the internal battle involved in putting down your guard, the patience required with love and ultimately the win of love.”

This one’s a gem! Stream below: