Toronto Singer Aphrose Drops Soulful Tune ‘The Middle’

Aphrose has been slaying the Toronto music scene for years as an R&B backup / session singer, now she drops her soulful debut single “The Middle,” an emotionally empowering track that harkens back to 90’s Mariah Carey and Amy Winehouse.

The song is is about relationship hardships inspired by real-life challenges Aphrose endured with her partner, but they found the space to heal. Aphrose’s strong vocals effectively emote the pain she felt during those rough times.

She explains:

“‘The Middle’ is all about feeling stuck and frustrated in a long term relationship, where each party starts to take advantage of each other emotionally and further drift apart in the process. At the time, I was felt like I was pulling a lot of the weight emotionally and financially in my relationship with my partner, and we were going through a really hard time together mired by family tragedy and economic instability: He had recently his lost father and lost his job, so we were in this really hard place. I felt drained all the time and we were constantly getting into fights because we weren’t trying to really see each other and empathize. I felt like he was drifting emotionally and I needed him to figuratively “meet me halfway, in the middle” so that we could start to heal. Together. I felt like I was putting my dreams and goals on hold to hold down our life financially and I felt unappreciated but I was neglecting how he must be feeling too. It was a complicated time. I made a song about it and here it is :) 

Born and raised in the city of Toronto, Canada, singer Aphrose has been training musically and honing the craft of songwriting since the age of six. Aphrose has spent the early stages of her career performing professionally as a backup and session singer for many established Canadian acts until she began to feel like there was something missing from her artistry. After taking a six-year hiatus to refocus her energy on self discovery. Her sound is modern and fresh but still allows you to feel the spirit of 60’s soul, laced with R&B of the 90’s. Her debut EP will be out this fall.