KeKe Wyatt Shaves Head In Support Of Her Child Battling Cancer

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Keke Wyatt recently shared a photo on Instagram of her rocking a newly-shaved head. The bold move isn’t for fashion, or to channel her inner Amber Rose, but rather to show solidarity with one of her children who has lost all of their hair while battling cancer.

Last week, the R&B singer revealed the news in am IG video with a caption that read, “Plz pray for my family… Haven’t really said to [sic] much about my personal life, But my child has been fighting cancer and lost all of their hair that they loved,” she wrote. “It hurts me so bad. So to show Mommy’s support I’m going to get @keever_west to shave me bald today.”

On Monday afternoon (June 26), Wyatt posted a selfie rocking a bald head. Her caption read, “Feeling kinda empty today!!! SMH.”

Feeling kinda empty today!!! SMH

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Yesterday (June 28), KeKe updated on her child’s progress with a picture of her rocking the baldie and animal filter. “Better day!!! My baby is up walking around… praise God!!! #Godheals #beatingcancer #Life #family #Love” she wrote.

Better day!!! My baby is up walking around… praise God!!! #Godheals #beatingcancer #Life #family #Love❤️

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Even KeKe’s mom got in on the action by shaving her head in support of her grandchild.

My beautiful mommy @missjazzy60 shaved hers too!!! #nohairdontcare #Naked #Heads #EFcancer Thankx mom!!!

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Lovely! Keke, who’s also currently expecting her 9th child, is asked fans to donate to to help kids suffering from various types of health issues.

We’re keeping KeKe and her family in our prayers!

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