Freddie Jackson – One Night

Mr. “Rock Me Tonight” Freddie Jackson is back! He returns with a brand new single “One Night” which is the first single from his highly-anticipated new project Love Signals. Freddie reunited with his long-time producer Barry Eastmond to capture the magic that brought you “You Are My Lady” and so many other hits.
Just like his classics, Jackson is back to woo the ladies: “Give me one night, let me show you what’s in store. Love’s guaranteed for sure,” he sings.

Purchase “One Night” on iTunes HERE.


With the help of the his new band, JUTAUN, Freddie has crafted an amazing live show and will be in a city near you very soon! See tour dates below:
  • May 13 Columbus, GA
  • May 14 Kingston, Jamaica
  • May 26 Atlanta, GA 
  • May 27 Alexandria, VA 
  • May 28 Richmond, VA 
  • May 29 Nashville, TN 
  • June 09 Boston, MA 
  • June 10 Boston, MA
  • June 17 Los Angeles, CA 
  • June 24 Detroit, MI 
  • July 29 Chicago, IL
  • August 11 Toronto, ON
  • August 18 El Cajon, CA 
  • August 25 Cape town
  • August 26 Johannesburg

Twitter: @FreddieJrnb

Instagram: @Freddie_Jackson_Official