Naomi Wachira – Beautifully Human

Afro-folk soul singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira drops her single “Beautifully Human,” a simple, stripped-down song in which Wachira highlights issues of human equality, especially when it undermines the divine sacredness of those who are different.

The song had a light reggae feel, on which Wachira sings, “I wish the world could believe that my brothers and sisters, we are meant to be / No, we are not accidents, no we are not / We are not the sons and daughters of the damned,”  she sings on the first verse before stating on the pre-chorus and chorus, “Don’t treat us like we are a cursed race…we are human too.”

“Beautifully Human” is from Naomi’s forthcoming sophomore album Songs of Lament which she describes, “was born out the many tragic losses we’ve witnessed globally.”

Stream “Beautifully Human” below:

Like the two predecessors she has long admired, Tracy Chapman and Miriam Makeba, she hopes that she can truly make the world a better place.  Asked about what she really hopes to accomplish with this album Songs of Lament, she says, “if there’s one thing I learned from my parents, it is to try and leave a place better than I found it. My hope is that this album will do just that. I know we are certainly living in dark times, but I hope that we will all find the courage to be light in whatever way we’ve been gifted… that we will seek to understand those who are different from us and find ways to both acknowledge and celebrate our differences and similarities.”