Actor/Singer Mack Wilds’ Star Continues To Rise With New Album ‘AfterHours’ & ‘Shots Fired’ Role

Mack Wilds is hot right now! Along with starring roles in two shows, VH1’s”The Breaks” and FOX’s newest drama “Shots Fired,” the singer/actor also continues his music career with the release of his new project AfterHours, out today (April 7th).

Headed by the Blak-produced, Cam Wallace-penned single”Explore,” AfterHours follows his 2013 LP New York: A Love Story, and is named after the time he’s most inspired to create. “I titled it AfterHours because there’s something about those hours after dark where everything comes to the surface: emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. That’s when I’m most creative,” he told Singersroom recently. ”

If that’s the case, one dark night, Mack reflected on the ending of a relationship and those memories spawned the first single “Explore,” a hard-hitting, guitar-laden ballad that sees him crooning about the fall of a relationship. “‘Explore’ is about those tense situations in a relationship when you can’t foretell the demise of a relationship.”

The 12-song AfterHours features guest appearances from Wale, Tink, and Cam Wallace, along with contributions from DJ Camper, Key Wane, Deputy, The Mekanics, D’Mile, and Kevin Garrett.

On the acting front, his role on “Shots Fired” brings up questions and layers when it comes to the rising awareness of police shootings of unarmed citizens. Wilds plays a young deputy named Joshua Beck in a town in North Carolina who shoots an unarmed white teen, causing a ripple effect throughout the town. “He’s caught up in a weird dichotomy being a young black man in this town. It’s more than just the color of his uniform, there are layers, and you’ll see that as the show progresses,” he says.

He continued: “He’s living in the middle of two worlds that are pulling away from him. You get to be with him and see those different worlds that he lives in, as he struggles through every one of them.”

When asked about the impact of the show in an increasing socially-aware and tense world, Wilds says he mostly wants the show to spark different thought processes.

Aside from his two TV shows and new music, stay tuned for more projects from Wilds coming down the pipeline soon!

Stream AfterHours below and Purchase on iTunes.