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Tinashe Crosses Over With New Pop Single, ‘Flame’


Tinashe Crosses Over With New Pop Single, ‘Flame’

After much waiting, Tinashe’s album Joyride is officially underway with the release of “Flame.”

While her Fall 2016 EP Nightride was R&B-based, “Flame” is a mid-tempo pop track attached to her forthcoming commercial sophomore album, Joyride. On the song, Tinashe sings of keeping the fire alive with a former flame.

“Tell me that you still got the flame for me,” she sings. “And tell me that you still want to stay, don’t leave / And we can let it burn.”

Tinashe’s sophomore studio album, Joyride, is the second of a two-part series, which included ‘Nightride.’ Tinashe told Rolling Stone, “I see them as two things that are equally the same. I think you can be a combination of things, and that’s what makes people human and complex. They are equally me. I don’t like to be limited to one particular thing so I want to represent that duality and that sense of boundlessness in my art.”

Still no official release date for Joyride yet, but meanwhile you can stream “Flame” below:

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