Liza – February 29 (EP)

R&B hotspot Toronto brings us yet another new artist named Liza (Lee-za), a 22-year-old songstress who released her debut, four-song EP titled February 29. 

Featuring production by CVRE, Juda, Nahum, and Vincent Basil, the project is named after the date (in 2016) she began to publicly release music. The stand out track on the project is the second tune “You,” the on which she tries to make a crush realize she’s the right one over slightly-sinister production.

“Put my pride aside, let you know what’s up / we got different pasts but we compliment each other / …Give us a chance open your eyes, see that I’m the one for you,” she sings on the second verse.

About her songwriting style, she tells Noisey, “When I write songs I try to reflect on my life experiences in a way that other people can take something from them. I don’t like giving too much. Some songs will be pretty explicit, like in “You,” but other songs like “Ride” are more intricate. I want people to have their own interpretation. The songs on this EP describe aspects of my personality and life and things I’m still discovering.”

Stream February 29 below:

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